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5 Steps to Enliven Your Morning Ritual

Enliven Your Morning Ritual

What is your morning ritual? Last month in the TAYLOVE membership we talked about small changes in our routines and our mindset that can have a big difference in how we approach our day. A fresh start can begin right when you wake up!

Here are a few things to consider adding to your morning ritual:

✨Set your alarm label to something empowering. Some phrases I like to use are:⁣
“You have a beautiful new day!”⁣
“You are here on purpose!”⁣

✨Set the sound of your alarm to something you actually look forward to hearing. Do you really think you’re gonna be excited to get up when your alarm is blaring sounds reminiscent of missing the bus?

✨Try changing your alarm to a song you like or nature sounds. My alarm is set to “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiole and I always wake up feeling a little more peaceful, thinking of Hawaiian island beach days.⁣

✨Before you get out of bed, say out loud (or in your head) 3 things you’re grateful for. These can be small. Begin to cultivate that sense of appreciation in your heart and it will set the tone for your day. This can look like:⁣
◦”Thank you for another day.”⁣
◦”Thank you for this comfortable bed.”⁣
◦”Thank you for the delicious breakfast I’m about to enjoy.”⁣

✨Go outside and put your feet on the ground. Not only is the fresh air rejuvenating but the negative ions from the Earth can help recharge and heal. This is a great way to connect to nature and start your day grounded.⁣

Whats your go-to morning ritual? Let me know in the comments! ✨

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