Hi there! I’m Taylor and I’m sure glad you’re here! Welcome to my corner of the web. This site is a place to help you feel good and live a life you enjoy, knowing that is going to look different for each of us. I am equal parts donuts and essential oils. I love to start my days with meditation and dance the night away to loud music. My house is filled with salt lamps and my diet is filled with sweets … you get the idea. There is no one right way to wellness, it’s about finding balance in your own life and remembering you don’t have to be perfect.

I adore talking about all things wellness and I’m sharing the shifts I have made in my life that have led me to feel the happiest I’ve ever been. I started TAYLOVE to create a space people could go to for support as they embark on their own journey to more self-love and self-care.

Here’s to smiling more and stressing less. I love you. Xx.

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