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“Cush for the tush and peace for the soul” with Pebbl Meditation Chair

Finding a moment of calm in the city courtesy of my @hellopebbl chair. Whether it’s a park, Barton Springs, or your own backyard, the Pebbl meditation chair can help bring you down to Earth in an uplifting way. 

Pebbl is the “love child of comfort and self-awareness” that was brought to life by sisters and Soul Sparks Collective co-founders Paige Davis and Melissa Nathan. For years, they have been creating mindfulness tools + training and this latest development with the Pebbl chair reflects their ongoing journey toward more centered and grateful living. And lucky for us, they keep sharing their gifts with the world!

Pebbl provides the chance to sit and pause wherever you are. Because, as the founders describe, they know that within the pause lies a world of possibilities including resilience, connection and creativity.

It’s truly a full circle moment for me getting to know founder Paige Davis and use the Pebbl chair. When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, Paige’s book, Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond, was something my mom referenced often while navigating her journey. I’ve admired Paige for a long time and was grateful when we got the opportunity to connect recently when I was a guest on their “Mindful Monday” series. During out chat, we discussed how meditation has helped me through different seasons of life, plus I led a guided meditation. If you need a midweek sacred pause, you can check out our Mindful Monday conversation here and follow along with the meditation. If you’re looking for a quick meditation break today, check out this 5 minute meditation.

Not only is the Pebbl meditation chair made with love by local Austin entrepreneurs, but it’s as comfy as it is cute and perfectly portable for all your Austin adventures. I’m here to tell ya, when they say it’s a little cush for the tush and peace for the soul, they mean it 🙂. I’m also a huge fan of the fact that it’s made with vegan leather. I follow a vegan diet but I’m also continuously trying to incorporate a vegan lifestyle in all of my choices including what I wear and the products I buy.

There is so much to love about this chair, and it’s founders, and I’d love you to get the chance to enjoy it too! If you’re looking for a meditation chair or a tool to help you take that potent pause wherever you are, check out and use code TAYLOVE at checkout for 20% off your very own Pebbl! I have the white chair with blue cushions, and I love that you get to choose the style you prefer when you order on the website.

Plus the chair has a very convenient strap so you can carry it around on the go! They say the Pebbl chair is the “yoga mat” of meditation. But it can also be your yoga mat of every day life. Take it to the park, the ball game, the backyard bash. Where ever you need a little extra support mentally or physically.

Use code TAYLOVE for 20% off!

Let me know if you add a Pebbl to your spiritual tool kit and which style you choose! To your joy!

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