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Elevate your at-home wine experience while reducing waste with BOXT

If you’re looking for the convenience of box wine without the nostalgia of college parties or lingering wine hangovers, get ready to raise a glass to your new friend BOXT

BOXT is an Austin-based, female-owned subscription wine service with six premium wines sourced from grapes around the globe and sent straight to you. The wine is packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable wood box that sits pretty on your shelf for whenever you want a glass of vino. Definitely not going to be playing ‘slap the bag’ with this one.

It’s delivered from their winery in Napa directly to your door and comes with suggested playlists and food pairings for the wine you ordered! The have a personal concierge team on standby via text to answer any questions you have about selecting your wine, and get this, each BOXT is the equivalent of four bottles of wine “on tap.” Ohmylanta! Rose all day for reals!

The founder of BOXT, Sarah Puil, said she always dreamed of creating great tasting wine, but also wanted to help reduce wine waste for a guilt-free glass. “I wanted people to have a high-quality glass of wine without the need to drink a full bottle or risk wasting it.” She dreamt up BOXT, on a mission to help you tap into a beautiful glass of wine at home, that you’ll not only love drinking but also sharing with your friends.

They aim to give you “as much or as little as you want, when you want, without wasting a drop.” Currently BOXT has six wine profiles, three whites and three reds, that are all crafted and curated at their winery in Napa.

BOXT wine profiles

Instead of naming each wine by its grapes, the company numbers its wines with an emphasis on flavor profiles which they say allows for a broader definition. The six wine profiles are:

Photo credit: BOXT

  • One: Bright, crisp, and dry
  • Two: Rich, oaky, and golden
  • Three: Floral, fruity, and sweet
  • Four: Soft, vibrant, and dynamic
  • Five: Big, bold, and smooth
  • Six: Sweet, juicy, and velvety 

BOXT is available through a subscription service with free shipping of its wines direct to doorsteps. They also call it a “100 percent happiness guarantee” with subscribers having the option to pause, cancel, or change wine selections at any time.

GIVEAWAY – your chance to win a BOXT tasting party!

You know the Proseccosaurus in me loves the bubbles so I’m trying out their new limited edition rose (wine profile number 9) and want to give you a chance to do the same! I’ve teamed up with BOXT to give away a tasting party for you and up to 8 friends. 

Here’s how to enter:

BOXT describes the rose as “cool, crisp, bright and dry. In a word, it’s divine.” Sounds like a dreamy summer patio party wine to me.

Photo credit: BOXT

Eco-friendly efforts

BOXT aims to be good to the planet and good to you by reducing wine and recycling waste and providing a fine wine for less that stays fresh for six weeks once you tap in! And not to mention, you can pour as much or as little as you like, whenever you like. Check out the BOXT website to learn more about their subscription service and membership pricing.

Photo credit: BOXT

Give the gift of BOXT

If you have a fellow wine appreciator in your world, you can also give the gift of BOXT! Check out their gifting program to see how you can share the love and make someone smile with a wine subscription straight to their door and a cute stemless glass gift set.

Cheers to your next great glass of wine! If you try out BOXT let me know your favorite profile number in the comments below. So far, I love the 9 and 2!

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