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Fuller Lashes in 3 Easy Steps

Fuller Lashes

I think we can all agree, you feel better when your lashes look bomb. But we don’t always have time or money to get lash extensions or glue on falsies. So here is my daily method for upping the lash game without much extra work or money.

1) Primer is EVERYTHING. You think I’m kidding, but a little prep goes a long way. Getchu a primer and you’re setting your lashes up for success. If you are looking for a cruelty free, high quality brand I recommend “Opening Act” by Tarte. Another effective route that I lovingly call the “drugstore option” is Voluminous primer by L’Oreal. It comes in a white tube and can be purchased for under 10 dollars at your neighborhood CVS or wherever you go to buy your pints of ice cream, cheap wine and cosmetics under the radar ;).

**some common misuses I have witnessed with primer is not letting it dry long enough or waiting TOO long before applying the actual mascara. My tip is to apply the primer, then count to 10 while busting a dance move and then apply mascara (not while dancing).

2) Good mascara. Not all mascara is created equal but spending more is not always the answer. There are some nice makeup brands that I love but when it comes to mascara theirs fall short. So find the mascara that works for you. My current favorites include:

3) Curl those lashes! When it comes to makeup I’m on the lazier end of the spectrum. I don’t want to have to buy an extra make up brush or another tool if I don’t have to. However I am a big advocate for an eyelash curler. It’s a one-step wonder that completes the look and makes your lashes look va-va voom! It’s recommended that you curl your lashes before applying product for the safety of your lashes however I find the best results come from curling my lashes after mascara. I wait ten or fifteen minutes after my mascara is fully set and then I use an eye lash curler.

May your eyelashes flutter with gusto!

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