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Mini Morning Meditations

As there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about the future it becomes our job now more than ever to anchor the light where we are and hold space for love.

Here are two mini meditation options for your morning depending on how much time you have. Or what I like to call Mini Medis :). Take whatever you need. Blessings to you. ✨✨⁣

-Mini Medis-⁣

✨If you only have a few moments:⁣

Look at these gorgeous flowers and think out loud or recite in your head:⁣

“I allow myself to relax⁣

I release fear⁣

I radiate my light into the world⁣

All is well.”⁣

✨ If you have five minutes:⁣

Begin by taking a few deep breaths⁣

As you breathe in, think “I am breathing in” ⁣

As you breathe out think “I am⁣
breathing out”⁣

Continue to breathe and now visualize a golden sparkling light flowing from the top of your head down thru your entire body to and out the bottom of your feet. ⁣

With every breathe imagine this golden light is getting brighter and stronger, filling up every cell in your body. ⁣

✨This is a healing light.✨⁣

Now start to list out loud or in your head things you’re grateful for. Just begin- ⁣

Gratitude for your heart beating, ⁣

Appreciation for your lungs filling up with oxygen, ⁣

Gratitude for all the systems in your body working in harmony. ⁣

Say I am grateful for: ______ and continue to list. ⁣

Here are some of mine— I am grateful for the sunshine! For my eyesight. For Sunday mornings. ☀️⁣

Now take three deep breathes and repeat the mantra ⁣

“I release fear. I allow myself to relax. All is well.” ⁣

Inhale and exhale. ⁣


Let your light shine, dear ones. ⁣

Be kind to eachother, be patient, be well. ✨

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