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Rise and Radiate with @Libberated to start your morning strong!

If you’re looking for a way to enliven your morning and your spirit, highly encourage you to check out Rise + Radiate with the wonderful Libby of @libberated! This IGTV based class is a mix of breathwork, Kundalini yoga, meditation and more and you will most definitely leave feeling different then when you started! It’s an incredible practice for shifting energy, releasing heavy emotions, and setting the foundation for a powerful day. I’ve definitely laughed and cried in the course of one class and I always feel SO rejuvenated at the end of the hour. 🌟

I first had the opportunity to take a class with Libby, a grief and resilience coach, at Deepak Chopra‘s Infinite Possibilities retreat in Palm Springs a few years ago. 🌴 It was one of my favorite memories from the entire retreat and I took away many powerful practices. During the midst of quarantine, I was thrilled to discover that Libby’s classes were being offered virtually and LIVE! To experience a class for yourself, head to @libberated IGTV at 7am PST/ 9am CST, or watch a recording on your own time.

I was also beyond grateful to be a guest in @libberated Rise + Radiate class recently and share how impactful this practice of blending breathwork, meditation, and Kundalini yoga has been in my own life. 🌅

Check out @libberated IGTV for our chat about building the capacity to handle difficult emotions and allowing yourself to feel alllll the feelings that come with being human. 💖 And then mark your calendar to try out Libby’s next class! 

If you’re looking for a way to energize your mornings or work through your own season of stuff, highly encourage you to take advantage of these virtual opportunities to connect with incredible teachers across the country and world like Libby. 🌎 

To your joy 🤸🏼‍♀️

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