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Tell Them You Love Them

I always considered myself lucky that I was raised by 6 people: my parents and two sets of adoring grandparents. I spent weekdays with my Austin grandparents and summers with my Amarillo grandparents. I had the beautiful blessing of giving the eulogy or tribute at each of their funerals and each time I found myself thinking— why do we wait until people die to tell them how much we loved that they were alive?

This year my Grandma from Amarillo would have celebrated her 94th birthday. Our birthdays are two days apart and you could definitely tell we were both Aquarius’. We were kindred spirits and best friends until the very last days of her life. No matter how small her hospital bed got, I found a way to lay with her or stay up late talking and playing games, just like we had for years. I am so grateful that we didn’t miss a second to drink wine, eat candy and play cards together. And if there’s anything I could change it would just have been to express my love for her role in my life even more while she was alive to hear it.

I’m always sending hugs to heaven for my Grandma but the truth is, she is with me every day. Her love shows up through signs, synchronicities and the Earth angels that show up in my life out of the blue that I know are coordinated by her🦋. For anyone reading this- who could you hug tighter today? Who might benefit from hearing that you love them? 💕 I love y’all! 💋

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