Taylor Ellison is a lifestyle host, producer, speaker, and meditation guide based in Austin, Texas. She is the creator, host, and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning late night program “Austin After Hours” and co-host of CBS Austin’s morning lifestyle program “We Are Austin.”

Outside of the studio, Taylor is a wellness and self-care advocate. She leads guided meditations for small group and large events, and works with private clients as a mindset and empowerment coach. Specifically she works with young women to help them move beyond self doubt and limiting beliefs to pursue a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle, rooted in self-love. Taylor’s latest adventure is TAYLOVE, a wellness blog and online meditation community designed to support people on their journey to more self-love and self-care.

The TAYLOVE blog is an online resource to help readers make small shifts with big impact. From clean beauty, to sustainable style, mindfulness techniques and self-care, the TAYLOVE blog features a variety of topics related to thoughtful living. The blog seeks to help people lead a joyful life and be a force for good, by giving them ideas for how to love themselves, their world, and their planet.

When not on set, Taylor loves to spark smiles and inspire laughter through short silly videos on Instagram highlighting her love of snacks. Check her out on instagram @taylok. She gets most of her life advice from the El Arroyo sign. Her current favorite El Arroyo sign is: “there are two ingredients in trail mix: M&Ms and disappointment.”  You can catch Taylor live every week day morning on CBS Austin, or, and Friday nights after the Late Late Show with James Corden, or find “Austin After Hours with Taylor Ellison” on YouTube.


Taylor Ellison reaches audiences through multiple different platforms. Between her personal account, Austin After Hours account and TAYLOVE account, Taylor reaches an Instagram following of over 8300 individuals. Her audiences is almost exactly half men and half women with the majority of viewers between ages 25 and 44. Taylor’s YouTube account for Austin After Hours also has over half a million views and nearly 2000 subscribers.


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